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The Jerusalem Post

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Red Sea Jazz Festival Eilat

February 14, 2016 Also up there with the festival gems was the five-piece DogCat Ensemble led by longtime New Yorker accordionist Uri Sharlin, whose mostly Stateside-based Israeli lineup took in a broad swath of musical directions. The concert program ran the gamut of Brazilian material to Yemenite and rock motifs – guitarist Yonatan Albalak and drummer Dan Aran provided much of the latter, while flutist Itai Kriss kept the Latin flag flying high. Sharlin is clearly adept at writing charts, and his strong arrangements provided a solid substratum for the band to take delightful flight. Read Full Review

WNYC New Sounds

“Hear new music from Uri Sharlin & the DogCat Ensemble on this New Sounds program. It’s a mixed breed (groan) group featuring guitar, accordion, and percussion trio that infuses Israel and Brazil into New York. Its members collectively have pedigrees from traditional Irish music, the Klezmer scene and orchestral music as well. Perhaps also hear music from Tribecastan and/or the Montreal-based chamber jazzers Esmerine, who most recently collaborated with Turkish musicians. Plus, a few other like-minded hybrid ensembles and more.” Listen Now

WFMU Transpacific Sound Paradise

Live broadcast from Barbès on October 26, 2013 Show Information | Listen Now

The Celebrity Cafe

“Sure to delight jazz fans who are looking for some variety in their music.”
—Sari N. Kent, TheCelebrityCafe.Com

Uri Sharlin and the Dogcat Ensemble’s Back to the Woods

January 22, 2014 “Uri Sharlin and the Dogcat Ensemble’s debut album titled Back to the Woods released on Dune Folk Records, brings an unconventional instrument to the forefront while blending conservative jazz elements. Tel Aviv native Sharlin had originally planned to make this album 15 years ago when he was set to move to New York to study jazz piano. It was in 2008 that the Uri Sharlin and the Dogcat Ensemble was formed, consisting of Sharlin playing the Siwa and Figli accordions along with the piano; Matt Darriau on bass clarinet, Gili Sharett on the bassoon, Kyle Sanna on the guitars, Jordan Scannella on bass, Rich Stein and John Hadfield on percussion with special guests Itai Kriss on the flute and auto flute, Ze Mauricio on the Pandeiro and Michael Lavalle on the Zabumba….” Read Full Review

The Jerusalem Post

The World Accordion to Uri Sharlin

“The Accordion has pride of place in the history of this still young state. The iconic image of groups of kibbutznikim, or other hale and hearty pioneering characters, sitting around a campfire while a squeezebox operator – preferably wearing a kova tembel, as the inverted basin-shaped hat was affectionately known – played some stirring singalong tunes, has pride of place in Israeli folklore.

Over the years, however, the accordion has spread its genre and stylistic wings in the consciousness of the general public and, when 40-year-old New York resident Uri Sharlin performs at this year’s winter version of the Red Sea Jazz…” Read Review

KadmusArts Podcasts

“An instrumental feast…”
—KadmusArts Podcast

“Uri Sharlin and the DogCat Ensemble bring us an instrumental feast of cultural influences from Latin, Middle Eastern, European and Arabic and the through-line is the accordion. In this podcast we talk with Uri about the upcoming album release Back to the Woods, how an instrument he briefly played became his musical passport, and why music should be part of every young person’s life.” Listen Now

New York Music Daily

“An Energetic, Dramatic Set…”
—New York Music Daily

Accordionist Uri Sharlin Mashes up Balkan, Brazilian and Israeli Sounds

September 26, 2013 “Uri Sharlin is one of the first-call accordionists in several New York scenes, from folk to jazz to Balkan music. This evening he and his jazz-inclined Balkan/Brazilian band the DogCat Ensemble played an energetic, dynamic set of instrumentals at the Lincoln Center atrium from their forthcoming album Back to the Woods (which is available now if you go to one of their shows). True to Balkan tradition, the Israel-born Sharlin loves rhythms that are considered exotic in the west: the group would do a couple of bars in twelve, then they’d sneak one in eleven instead. He also has a passion for south-of-the equator sounds, the most exotic of these being Monte Verde, a jungly Costa Rican rainforest tableau that the band opened and then closed on a droll note, playing birdcalls on little whistles, Sharlin leading the band into a warmly tropical theme with washes of chords from his accordion…..” Read Full Review

Inside World Music

“Anyone with a passion for musical instruments and world beats will love Back To The Woods.”
—Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

CD Review: Uri Sharlin And The DogCat Ensemble’s Back To The Woods

September 22, 2013 “Israel-native and New York-based instrumentalist, composer, and producer, Uri Sharlin, brings us an instrumental feast of nine cinematic, edgy, and jazzy tunes from around the world. With an accordion in hand, Uri presents an amalgamation of cultural influences from Latin, Middle Eastern, European, and Arabic. All the songs are instrumental and rather theatrical in production with pensive beats, jazzy solos, and rocking rhythms with plenty of percussion and pizazz….” Read Full Review